Our dance year runs from September to June.  An Intensive Session is given during the Summer.  Dancers with experience who are new to Stockton Ballet School are accepted as long as there is availability in class.  Students new to Dance are encouraged to begin by January or during our Summer Session.

Body Conditioning based on the work of Joseph H. Pilates is a unique full-body system of strength, stretch and toning exercises which unite movement and self-awareness for good postural alignment, physical fitness and the feeling of well-being associated with a fit body and mind.  Group and Private Mat or Reformer sessions are available.  Our group Mat classes offer individual attention-especially for those new to Pilates Mat work.


Teen and Adult Classes

Stockton Ballet School offers both youth and adult programs concentrating on the development of a well-rounded dancer.  Although our name implies an emphasis on ballet training, our curriculum includes highly regarded Jazz and Tap Programs.   We offer classes for ages 4 through adult.

Stockton Ballet School

Dance, Fitness, Specialty Workshops

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Acting Workshop explores acting techniques.  For ages 8 & up.
Lyrical Workshops for Int/Adv Jazz dancers will be given several times in our Guest Teacher Series.
Contemporary Dance Workshops for Int/Adv Jazz dancers will be given several times in our Guest Teacher Series.
Dance Skills Intensives for Int/Adv dancers to work on specific dance steps and skills such as balance, turns, jumps.
Kids Art is a workshop class to inspire the budding artist.   Materials provided, bring your imagination!

Our Dance Year

All photos taken by Makana Livermore.  Dance shoes art by Rachel T. Orimo

Our experienced, professional staff is adept at working with anyone--youngster through adult--beginner through advanced.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Pilates Mat & Reformer

Stockton Ballet School offers the unique opportunity for older students to begin

and continue their dance training in an age-appropriate setting.